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Bring joy to the experience of applying makeup — from the shape of the handles, to the feel of the bristles on your skin, to the flawless, perfectly blended results you’ll see in the mirror.

“I wanted something different; to design new shapes and create brushes that were not only beautiful to look at but efficient.

During the whole process, I thought of all the emails that I received since the very beginning of my blog, asking me to recommend a brush for a particular usage. When I pictured that brush in my mind and I could not find it anywhere, this was my priority: to fill in the blanks.”

“My dream is to stimulate creativity, to break the routine. Maybe you have some products that you don’t enjoy using anymore; maybe you don’t think applying makeup is something that can be fun and relaxing. This is what I would love to change. Those minutes we have in the morning for ourselves—I want to make them count.”


How SONIA G started, details about the handles, the ferrules and the artisans.


More details about the shapes and the making.

“It’s not only about the results,
but about the whole

Makeup lovers of all skill levels deserve fun, effortless makeup application; these handcrafted tools do the work for you, making your application ritual something you look forward to every day.

For the best shopping experience, shipping and customer service, the brushes are available on beautylish.com


By | March 29th, 2019|Categories: Sonia G|

I am regularly asked how I clean my brushes and all brushes in general, how I take care of them and store them. Today I am so happy to share all my tips and tricks with you! They are quite simple because I don't have much time for elaborated techniques, what I do seems to work since so many years so I never had the feeling that I had to change something to make the brushes perform better, look better or last longer. I'll share what I do to preserve them and extend their life span, I also added some related FAQ to answer [...]

UPDATE – Restock and upcoming changes

By | March 3rd, 2019|Categories: Sonia G|

The last update and FAQ I posted was in October last year, 5 months ago, time flies!!! Today I would like to share more details on the changes I was talking about in October. Last year it has been a bit difficult to keep up with my daily job, the blog, social and email interactions and then the brushes 🙂  So... I decided to take a temporary break from the company I work for in Geneva, for six months starting January, just to see how things would go. There are several Fude [brush] related projects that I would love to achieve this year and [...]


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The first series are about brushes and shapes you won’t find anywhere else. They were created to fill gaps in the Fude world and they will shine with specific products, tackle difficult textures or revive your interest for products that you were not enjoying anymore. They are meant to cover functionalities that traditional brushes may not be able to. It’s more about picking the brush, or brushes, that will fit particular needs in order to complete your existing collection. These PRO series is my take on every day essentials, designed and refined for versatility, fast handling adoption and ultimate performance. I wanted these PRO [...]


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I wanted to write this little post to say thank you for being here with me, for supporting "Sonia G" and Kumano's craftmanship, it has been almost a year and it's wonderful to see that there is such great feedback and interest, I am sincerely grateful and deeply touched by your friendship. I just recently came back from Japan, I am preparing a post about the trip for those of you who would like to know a bit more about Kumano. In the meantime, I saw some questions on Instagram that I thought I could answer here as I have more space to go [...]


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After the Fundamental set that offers the possibility to do a whole face and eye look, here comes a second and new batch of brushes. With these brushes I wanted to cover specific needs or a slightly different approach to make-up application that I felt was worth experimenting!   I was inspired by my own preferences. I wanted fuller brushes, more control, more precision, also during the whole process I have kept in mind all the emails that I received since the very beginning of my blog, asking me to recommend a brush for a particular usage and when I pictured that brush in my [...]


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This set combines brushes that allow the application of a complete look, they are meant to fit any level of proficiency, for beginner to pro skills,  for every day or for bold editorial looks. The set includes 4 eyeshadow and 4 face brushes. Today they are only available as a set but they will also be available individually starting sometime in January 2018. The set costs $362 and is available on Beautylish website, please click here to access their website and read more about it.   Thank you!!!  🙂