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I am the girl with a zillion brushes and clearly not enough control, extreme when possible, often irrational, forever passionate, only occasionally wise but I'll always care about you.


The handle makes fan brushes  much more easy to use, specially to get a symetric application from one side of the face to the other! I thought there was a way to create the ultimate fluffy fan brush, that could still be useful and part of a daily make-up routine. The only way to go [...]

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This brush was designed to apply highlighter, or contour. Unlike other similar fans, this is really dense and directional, it will pick a generous amount of product and will be able to blend and work the products into the skin, they won't be sitting on top of it but it will deliver a more polished [...]

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Dyed saikoho goat bristles are extremely  efficient and remain very soft on the skin, they are ideal for a strong blender and I wanted the most efficient blender for a daily use. This brush is dense, it can be used as a laydown, as a blender or a crease brush. It's also really efficient to [...]

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This brush is shaped like a little candle flame, it's directional and quite firm,  the dense base of the head makes it very stable during application and blending, the bristles move together, as a whole, so the control is optimized. HOW TO Roll the brush onto the product, tap off excess, place the tip in [...]

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I really love smaller face brushes, the idea with this Face Two is to give it as many purposes as possible,  blush application, bronzer or powder. It's directional and quite precise but not overly dense,  it doesn't feel like a thick mass on the skin, it adapts and moves easily around the eyes or the [...]

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I wanted a little brush that was soft on the skin but super strong to build up any type of shadow effortlessly and with precision, specially shimmer and metallic finishes. I love to apply just a bit of shimmer in the center of the mobile lid, or use it with any type of shadow on [...]

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I really love little pencil brushes, this is the best balance between softness and efficiency, it comes to a precise point but has a nice thick base that makes it powerful with any powder product. How to Use the tip for precision placement or hold it at an angle to increase the width of the application [...]

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