I was aiming for a very soft flat pencil that could deliver definition, with high intensity and with more precision than a round pencil. This Smudger One has more precision and draws a thinner and more neat line compared to the Pencil One. I love that I can apply a shadow so near to the Read More


I wanted to combine natural and synthetic bristles in a shape and a density that could work with both thin and thick liquids or creams, as versatile as possible. The bristles are quite short, it has firmness and density but it remains supple,  you don’t need to put a lot of pressure on the brush, it Read More


This brush is shaped like a little candle flame, it’s directional and quite firm,  the dense base of the head makes it very stable during application and blending, the bristles move together, as a whole, so the control is optimized. HOW TO Roll the brush onto the product, tap off excess, place the tip in Read More


I really love smaller face brushes, the idea with this Face Two is to give it as many purposes as possible,  blush application, bronzer or powder. It’s directional and quite precise but not overly dense,  it doesn’t feel like a thick mass on the skin, it adapts and moves easily around the eyes or the Read More