I wanted a little brush that was soft on the skin but super strong to build up any type of shadow effortlessly and with precision, specially shimmer and metallic finishes.

I love to apply just a bit of shimmer in the center of the mobile lid, or use it with any type of shadow on the entire mobile lid. It’s also very handy for the outer v application or to smudge a shadow on the bottom lashline.

The shape was key in the functionality of this brush but the dyed saikoho bristles give it that amazing extra grip.
It’s at the same time a great tool for beginners and for make-up artists, it will make the application so effortless, elevate the results and make shadows look even more stunning.



Pick the product with the flat side using very small, almost in place, wiggle strokes, tap off excess, apply with patting movements to build the colour on lid.

Use the tip to define the lashline, to smudge or to wing out the application.


Total length (mm) 153.5
Hair length (mm) 8.5
Ferrule width (mm) 10.5 front, 7 sideways
Usage Powder products
Material Dyed saikoho goat


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  1. Denise February 12, 2018 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    Does this perform like the Smudger One? Thank you.

    • Sonia G February 12, 2018 at 7:57 pm - Reply

      Hi Denise!
      Not really, it’s a similar shape but this one is a much smaller version of the Builder One, while the Builder One is meant to deposit also pigment with the sides, the little smudger is to be used with its tip and to line the lashline.

      • Denise February 13, 2018 at 10:59 pm - Reply

        Understood! Thank you. I received the eye brushes today. And look forward to using them for the first time on Valentine’s Day! Your brushes are my first time at using Japanese brushes. Reading the ladies’ comments on the Beautylish website for the Builder One, I am curious as to why the handle for this brush is larger than the other eye brushes. I know you put much thought and detail into your designs, so I am very interested to hear more about this specific brush’s anatomy. THANK YOU, SONIA! I wish you much success with your brush designs and raising your Baby!

        • Sonia G March 12, 2018 at 1:59 pm - Reply

          Hi Denise,

          Thank you so much for your interest! This Builder ferrule is larger than the other eye brushes, to achieve the same handle shape and keep a consistent design across all handles, this handle had to be thicker (to match the width of the ferrule). We have tried to make it thinner but for now it’s not possible because of that ferrule, maybe in the future. For now they cannot make that ferrule smaller at the point where the ferrule and handle meet, I hope you see what I mean. I am always open to suggestions and I am trying to change this since a moment… we will see what happens in the longer term 🙂

          Thank you also for the great wishes, baby has been sick for 3 weeks now so struggling to find time for myself, hopefully winter is almost over and we get over it!!
          lots of love to you!!!

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