I really love smaller face brushes, the idea with this Face Two is to give it as many purposes as possible,  blush application, bronzer or powder.

It’s directional and quite precise but not overly dense,  it doesn’t feel like a thick mass on the skin, it adapts and moves easily around the eyes or the nose, flexes and follows all features with an even pressure.

It can be used with blush, for precise bronzer application, with powder, and it’s perfect if you love using Guerlain meteorites.  You can easily control the amount of product you pick on the surface of the brush, diffuse it and work it on the skin in circular motions.


For the application of blush or bronzer, it’s best to use it in circular motions, for powder application, you can use a combination of stippling and circular motions, it’s really very soft, it won’t poke or irritate your skin.


Total length (mm) 171
Hair length (mm) 31
Ferrule width (mm) 14
Usage Powder products
Material Saikoho goat


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