This brush is shaped like a little candle flame, it’s directional and quite firm,  the dense base of the head makes it very stable during application and blending, the bristles move together, as a whole, so the control is optimized.


Roll the brush onto the product, tap off excess, place the tip in the outer crease, start applying with short back and forth strokes, extend the length of the strokes as desired.


Total length (mm) 154
Hair length (mm) 14
Ferrule width (mm) 7.3
Usage Powder products
Material Blue squirrel


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  1. cheryl February 16, 2018 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    Your brushes look So.Damn.Good. Very recently dipped my toe in the world of high quality brushes with Wayne Goss’ 16, 19 & 4. The difference in ease of use is just….well, you know. Now i have a taste for it and yours are next on my list. Quick question, how does this crease brush compare in size/utility to his? Funds are limited and i don’t want to end up with anything too similar to what I have at this stage. Pencil are worker are on my list (I’m an eye brush kind of girl). Also, how are the animal hairs collected?

    • Sonia G March 12, 2018 at 2:24 pm - Reply

      Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you sweetie!!
      My crease brush is not a substitute for the magnificient Wayne’s 🙂 mine is to deepen the color inside the crease, or to blend two colors placed tightly together, it’s dense enough to push that hood up and intensify the placement and diffuse it precisely. Wayne’s are basics musts, mine will deliver an application more targetted for those who are looking for that increased precision.
      I know the manufacture works solely with their verified providers in order to keep control on the origin and sourcing, which is extremely important. It’s an animal-by product that they collect only from them and I have been told that they are very strict with all of the processes around this topic, actively discouraging any other methods or chanels.

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