Dyed saikoho goat bristles are extremely  efficient and remain very soft on the skin, they are ideal for a strong blender and I wanted the most efficient blender for a daily use. This brush is dense, it can be used as a laydown, as a blender or a crease brush.

It’s also really efficient to work with sheer shadows, it picks a very generous and even amount of product and lays it down without patchiness or fall out.


It’s a multipurpose brush, as a shader,  based on the precision you require, pick the product either with the tip of the brush or the sides, tap off excess, pat, swipe or use back and forth strokes to apply.

As a crease brush, start in the outer crease and use back and forth motions to apply, extend the length of the movement towards the inner corner as the intensity of the product decreases. Hold it an angle if you want to target blending or application to the upper or lower crease area.

As a blender use either circular or back and forth motions, you don’t need to put a lot of pressure on the brush to get the job done.


Total length (mm) 160
Hair length (mm) 15
Ferrule width (mm) 10 front, 7 sideways
Usage Powder products
Material Dyed saikoho goat


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