This brush was designed to apply highlighter, or contour. Unlike other similar fans, this is really dense and directional, it will pick a generous amount of product and will be able to blend and work the products into the skin, they won’t be sitting on top of it but it will deliver a more polished application.

The other purpose that I was aiming to cover is to come up with a tool that would allow the use of stripped products individually -bronzers, blushes- on a per stripe basis. This brush can pick just one stripe precisely and then place it as highlighter on a more large perimeter of the face.

It’s also an amazing helper to remove fall out, set your foundation around the nose or underneath the eyes or sweep away baked powder residue.


For highlighter, pick the product with the sides, tap excess off and apply it starting at the center where you want the most of the focus,  diffuse as desired.

Fon contour, pick with the sides or the surface of the head, whatever technique suits you best, tap excess off,  apply and blend.


Total length (mm) 165
Hair length (mm) 20
Ferrule width (mm) 11
Usage Powder products
Material Dyed saikoho goat


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  1. Denise March 21, 2018 at 1:41 am - Reply

    SONIA! We chatted under other brushes. I do pray your Baby will be back to full steam ahead. Today is the first day of Spring and we’re expecting a foot of snow. We need those days of cheery weather to be able to open wide the windows and let the airs circulate!
    QUESTION: I am awaiting my delivery of Sculpt 3 and Face 1. Do I need a separate blusher and bronzer brush? I like to apply light layers of bronzer and blusher to my face, so I’m hoping those two will work. I ordered all of your eye brushes, but only these two face brushes. Hmmm…where does my weakness lie?!
    ALSO, if I use highlighter with Sculpt 3 and wipe it off my microfiber cloth, will I be able to apply other powders without having any glimmers transferring from the highlighter?
    THANK YOU for your responses. How wonderful it is for the Customer to be able to converse directly with the Designer! I appreciate this so very much right now, you don’t even know.
    Enjoy your bounty, Sweet Lady! Best Regards, Denise

    • Sonia G April 7, 2018 at 9:48 am - Reply

      Hi Denise!
      I just finished my antibiotics today and baby is getting a little better too now! let’s hope it stays this way!
      It has been snowing until 5 days ago here!!

      I think Sculpt One works well for light application unless the bronzer is very dark and powdery, if you want a very light one you’ll have to be patient until the next collection 😉 then I think you will find happiness!
      Regarding the Sculpt Three, for me it’s good enough to just wipe it in between those two products, it’s what I do and never struggled because the brush is airy enough to wipe in between the bristles!

      It’s my pleasure to be close to you! it’s the whole point of this adventure!

      Talk soon Denise and enjoy the spring, I know it’s coming !! <3

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