The handle makes fan brushesΒ  much more easy to use, specially to get a symetric application from one side of the face to the other!

I thought there was a way to create the ultimate fluffy fan brush, that could still be useful and part of a daily make-up routine. The only way to go for this fan brush was with thicker Hakutotsuko goat bristles. Any softer bristles would not deliver the same strength, the shape would not be so fluffly and so airy.

It’s a face brush, a body brush for the decolletΓ© or even for the legs, some will use it as a bronzer brush, others as contour, to polish the final application, flick away excess powder, etc, what you use it for will mostly depend on what precision you require.


This fan can be used to sculpt the face with contour, bronzer or to apply highlight, if you prefer a soft dimensional application, with a subtle definition, this fan can do it.

It’s a very handy shape to use around the perimeter of the face, the jawline, the neck.


Total length (mm) 180
Hair length (mm) 35
Ferrule width (mm) 23
Usage Powder products
Material Hakutotsuho goat


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