IΒ wanted to combine natural and synthetic bristles in a shape and a density that could work with both thin and thick liquids or creams, as versatile as possible.

The bristles are quite short, it has firmness and density but it remains supple,Β  you don’t need to put a lot of pressure on the brush, it will just adapt, distribute and blend the product as it goes.

It does not suck the product, it’s dense but airy at the same time so you can easily get to the core of the brush to clean it super fast and it dries also extremely quickly.


Pick the product with the tip of the bristles, stipple in short downward motions and use with a combination of circular motions to blend.

If you like to use cream/liquid bronzer,Β  contour or blush products, you can pick, stipple and blend directly with the brush or if you require more precision, apply the product with the fingertips (or a flat brush) and then blend with this Base One.


Total length (mm) 170
Hair length (mm) 20
Ferrule width (mm) 23
Usage Liquid and cream products
Material Hakutotsuho goat & PBT (synthetic)


One thought on “BASE ONE

  1. Is it suitable to use the Base one for powder foundation product, such as Bare minerals original foundation powder???

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