I was aiming for a very soft flat pencil that could deliver definition, with high intensity and with more precision than a round pencil. This Smudger One has more precision and draws a thinner and more neat line compared to the Pencil One.

I love that I can apply a shadow so near to the lashline, so softly and so quickly and that the tip is still strong enough to pick up all range of colors, from sheer to dark ones.

Softness is a necessity when you need to use a detail brush so close to the lashline, the density at the base gives it stability while the tapered point allows for precision and control. The application is achievedΒ  without harsh uneven edges.


Use short strokes along the lashline for more stability and control. Drag the application out for a softened winged look.

Use it at a slight angle for a wider and softer definition.



Total length (mm) 147
Hair length (mm) 7
Ferrule width (mm) 9 front, 6 sideways
Usage Powder products
Material Blue squirrel


2 thoughts on “SMUDGER ONE

  1. Will smudger one be part of the individual brush launch? I can see that it is not part of the fundamental brush set. Will there be more individual brushes (or sets) in very near future? In that case, I can not wait. I have read everything you have posted so far about the process, and I must say: everything you stand for and everything you have worked on with these brushes – it just captures me because I couldn’t agree more. These brushes are everything I have ever wanted and needed (I have thought about the issues you are addressing and answering a million times, for example working with difficult textures like metallics om the eyelids.) With that being said, I am glad that you had the courage to finally make these brushes – I have already ordered my set (it was a christmas/birthday gift from my very kind and genereous boyfriend, who totally supports my makeup addiction). Thank you, Sonia πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Waw I just saw your comment, fist of all, I want to sincerely thank you for your kind words, it’s the best feedback that I could wish for, I am not sure what to say… I think no words can show the emotion I am feeling today..
      With regards to this Smudger One and your question, it’s an accident that this post is published, I think I had one eye on my baby and only half of the other on what I was doing and must have hit the “publish” button by mistake.
      I will keep this page as published as it has already been seen anyway :), I can confirm that there are more brushes, I am preparing all the pages about them so that I am ready to publish them whenever all is ready, hopefully soon but not sure exactly when, I will probably know in the upcoming weeks and will be able to inform you asap. Since it’s a long process to make the handles, we are trying to anticipate with the batches but because it’s a holiday season and so many people are involved, we can only see how it goes day by day.
      I am so excited about them, and also about the ones being designed because it’s a continuos process and I am so crazy and happy that I am here today.
      Again, thank you for your enthousiasm and your kind support and I wish you a wonderful and peaceful 2018
      PS : thanks also to your boyfriend to support your make-up addiction, got the same one here, we are blessed πŸ˜€

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