Blending brushes is an obsession for me and I believe for many! They are so extremely necessary and although we all have our preferences, the most sought for brush for blending is probably this round and slightly tapered type of shape. From all the brushes that I own and used, this is also probably the type that intrigued me the most.

With this Blender brush the first challenge was to find the perfect balance between efficiency and softness. The second challenge was to create more than a blender brush: a reliable companion you’ll always want by your side.

This brush is called a blender as this is likely to be its main mission, but it’s so  much more than that.

Made with dyed saikoho bristles for increased efficiency, the high density and tight bundling give this brush extreme blending capabilities, any blending job feels like a massage and ends in a seamless result!

Useful for:

  • Base colour
  • Crease work
  • Transitioning
  • Blending
  • Highlight
  • Contour


Total length (mm) 158
Hair length (mm) 18
Ferrule width (mm) 7
Usage Powder products
Material Dyed saikoho goat

Comparison pic

For informational purposes with regards to its size


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