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«I wanted to combine natural and synthetic bristles in a shape and density that would work with thin or thick liquids and creams, easy to clean, fast to dry, strong but airy enough to be able to blend cream blush, cream bronzer or highlighter without having to switch to a different brush.»
For sheer up to medium application of liquid/cream foundation, pick the product with the tip of the bristles, stipple in short downward motions.

For a quick wash of foundation, use bigger circular or downward motions.

If you use cream products like blush, bronzer or highlight, you can either pick the product with the brush and apply it directly, or place it with a precision brush or the fingertips and then blend with this brush.


Total length (mm) 170
Hair length (mm) 20
Ferrule width (mm) 23
Usage Liquid and cream products
Role Foundation, face blender
Material Hakutotsuho goat & PBT