Worker TWO has been a best selling since its launch and I received so many requests for a smaller version of it, so here it is, the Worker THREE. It has the same shape, it's really like a shrinked version of the Worker Two with similar density but it will be able to accomodate smaller [...]

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This Crease TWO is similar to the Blender PRO in terms of functionality; it can be used in the crease or all over the lid, to build or to blend out the application. I wanted a big crease/all-over eye brush but that would still allow control on the placement and the blending. It's tapered but [...]

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Blending brushes is an obsession for me and I believe for many! They are so extremely necessary and although we all have our preferences, the most sought for brush for blending is probably this round and slightly tapered type of shape. From all the brushes that I own and used, this is also probably the [...]

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I always loved this type of brushes and there are so many wonderful ones out there, with this Crease Pro brush I was aiming for a directional shape but with enough splaying out for an application without harsh edges. It's a medium size crease brush with a quite firm bundling throughout the whole length of [...]

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For the PRO series, the “Worker” is slightly different in shape compared to Worker Two, it also offers a versatile experience as it can cover so many roles and purposes but it is now designed to do it with more precision, also appropriate for smaller eyes. This Worker PRO will mutate into a different brush [...]

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The Builders are packing type of brushes, the difference compared to Builder One and Two is that this PRO version builds the intensity more progressively, allowing you to layer and control the opacity with more finesse. The particularity of this Builder PRO is the dense layers of bristles on both sides,  they offer lots of [...]

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For the PRO version, I imagined a smaller version of the current Pencil Two, allowing more precision and dome shaped. This shape will help to cover as many purposes as possible and offers an even and reliable application whatever the angle. Useful for: Contouring the eyes Smoking out Intensifying the crease placement Building the outer [...]

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While the Smudger One is meant to be used only with powders, this Smudger Two can handle both and will shine with more difficult textures like shimmers and metallics. It's purpose is in between a push liner and pencil, offering a lot of control with the application without harsh edges. If you feel more adventurous, [...]

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Intensify with precision, design, define the outer v, smudge, highlight... I wanted to give this extra soft pencil as many uses as possible! It's the perfect size to brighten the inner eye area and with its domed shape and high density it can handle anything- whether it’s powder or cream. HOW TO Pick the product, cream [...]

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This was the very first brush I wanted to work on, the most exciting, finding the perfect combination of density/softness/material was so important and this is a brush I was truly missing on a daily basis. I was picturing the perfect mineral foundation brush: With this exact density: it follows the features perfectly, all the [...]

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Similar brush to the WORKER ONE,  both Workers have similar size specs, the Worker Two fluffs out a little bit more compared to the Worker One, the Two's ferrule is less pinched, so the shape is less flat. The Worker One offers more precision, more strength to pick up product and a more powerful blending, the [...]

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With this fan, I was aiming for a super strong tool that could pick up hard textures or sheer products that I love but that I find difficult to build up on the skin. This is the brush if you enjoy a sharp and more dramatic designed contour or highlight, if you need something to [...]

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It's dense, asymmetric, the shorter side offers more precision and strength and drives the application benefiting from the longer side for blending. As a highlighter, it will work best with : formulas that are harder, more difficult to work with and to buid up matte formulas where you want to be able to place, work [...]

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The goal was to create a shader with benefits, to build any type of product and bring it -gradually- to the desired intensity. The very dense bundling of the bristles and its fullness up to the tip allow for work at any angle. Browbone, blending, smudging or polishing, this is also the eyeshadow brush that [...]

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I was aiming for a very soft pencil that could deliver a bold placement with powder products. The density at the base offers stability while the thin tip delivers a precise and strong application. It's purpose is in between a push liner and pencil, offering a lot of control with the application without harsh edges. [...]

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I wanted to combine natural and synthetic bristles in a shape and a density that could work with both thin and thick liquids or creams, as versatile as possible. The bristles are quite short, it has firmness and density but it remains supple,  you don't need to put a lot of pressure on the brush, it [...]

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The handle makes fan brushes  much more easy to use, specially to get a symetric application from one side of the face to the other! I thought there was a way to create the ultimate fluffy fan brush, that could still be useful and part of a daily make-up routine. The only way to go [...]

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This brush was designed to apply highlighter, or contour. Unlike other similar fans, this is really dense and directional, it will pick a generous amount of product and will be able to blend and work the products into the skin, they won't be sitting on top of it but it will deliver a more polished [...]

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Dyed saikoho goat bristles are extremely  efficient and remain very soft on the skin, they are ideal for a strong blender and I wanted the most efficient blender for a daily use. This brush is dense, it can be used as a laydown, as a blender or a crease brush. It's also really efficient to [...]

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This brush is shaped like a little candle flame, it's directional and quite firm,  the dense base of the head makes it very stable during application and blending, the bristles move together, as a whole, so the control is optimized. HOW TO Roll the brush onto the product, tap off excess, place the tip in [...]

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