UPDATE – Restock and upcoming changes

The last update and FAQ I posted was in October last year, 5 months ago, time flies!!! Today I would like to share more details on the changes I was talking about in October. Last year it has been a bit difficult to keep up with my daily job, the blog, social and email interactions [...]

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The first series are about brushes and shapes you won’t find anywhere else. They were created to fill gaps in the Fude world and they will shine with specific products, tackle difficult textures or revive your interest for products that you were not enjoying anymore. They are meant to cover functionalities that traditional brushes may [...]

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After the Fundamental set that offers the possibility to do a whole face and eye look, here comes a second and new batch of brushes. With these brushes I wanted to cover specific needs or a slightly different approach to make-up application that I felt was worth experimenting!   I was inspired by my own preferences. [...]

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