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«Fan brushes always looked appealing to me; they make the makeup experience a lot more fun. Efficiency primes though so  I was aiming for a fan brush that would not only look good and feel good but that could also achieve a high level of performance.

They are made from 100% hakutotsuho goat, the bristles are thicker and allow the fan to splay out and stay strong yet soft on the skin.»

Sometimes we don’t need a lot of precision but still want to structure our face, give it some dimension either with bronzer or highlighting/finishing powders, this shape allows an easy application along the jawline, the cheeks, the contours of our face or the decolleté. Use it also to blend and diffuse harsh lines.
Total length (mm) 180
Hair length (mm) 35
Ferrule width (mm) 23
Usage Powder products
Material Hakutotsuho goat